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Whats Up?... We're 21a!

An event service ran by enthusiasts for the love of it!

Originally founded in 2013 while in year 8 at school as DJSamm we started doing discos. Since however found ourselves helping more at events and doing event tech than discos therefor in 2017 decided to change to 21a events. 21a events is an event service ran by enthusiasts helping out at many events from parties to small festivals, a bit of a hobby for us lot really. Supporting events with technical production, event support and helping to create great events in the Malmesbury area.

We're making a few changes to our website, if you cannot find something feel free to drop us a message!


Struggling for event ideas?

Check out our all new mood-board!


Do you love events?

We’re always on the lookout for people who just love events! If you would like to volunteer at events and get industry experience at real life events then drop us a line on Remember we are all volunteers here and help at events for the love of it!

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