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Hi, Welcome to the home of 21a, We’re a group of people who love events and most of all helping at them! 21a was founded when a group of people started a disco service but found them spending more time helping with parties and organising events so we thought we needed a new name! 21a started while at a festival. 21a help to run events in Malmesbury, Oaksey and Cirencester areas from parties to festivals. 21a events was actually designed and ran by teens ( and still is!) and was created to help produce great events. 21a events is an event service with a difference! We’re totally no here for profit… We just love events!


Lighting and sound play a huge part in any event. 21a were founded on the basis of helping you run your event’s technical and production by 2 techies! They are both very interested in stage sound and lighting. 


Having a party is a great opportunity for you relax and forget about daily life for a bit. We started as DJSamm events running mobile discos and then invented our DIY disco! Our DIY disco was designed for teen party and is a very simple and popular option. We provide the equipment and a crew member and you do the rest. We also offer manned discos where a mobile disco technician or DJ plays the music for you


Every event will end up with some lost property of some sort. Getting it back to the correct owner safely can become a unwanted process. We offer a lost property service where lost property from an event is bought to us, We’ll do the rest. If you have lost something and think we have it pop over to https://lost.21a.co.uk 


From parties to corporate events we can provide you with a cost effective disco for your event. We also do the DIY disco, a great option if you want to play your own music!


Really want an event and need some help organising and running it? We love nothing more than getting stuck in and helping organise a successful event. We can also help run your event by providing crew to help out.  From Shows to weddings and festivals. 


From lighting to power systems 21a events have access to generator sets, tower lighting and electrical power distribution. 21a also offer a crew service to maintain the generator power systems on your site during the course of the event.

Sound and Lighting

All events need sound… Right? Whether you need a small sound system for announcements or a PA suitable for music. 21a can help provide you a PA suited to the requirements of your event

Mobile Discos

Mobile discos are a great way of entertainment, as i always say there are 3 requirements for a good event: Food, Drink and Music. whether you want a DIY disco or a crew to come and do a disco for you, from 50’s to 80’s and to 00’s our music database allows us to play almost any song and take any request

Event Management support

Organising events can be very complex, at 21a we’re here to help. Using our online event management solution to help you organise your event makes organising an event much easier. 

Minety Music Festival 2018

Some important dates for your new 2018 Summer diary With Christmas way behind us now and the worst of the winter weather probably still to come we all need something to look forward to…and here’s just the thing. Fast forward through the sleet, gales and snow to Friday 29 th June, Saturday 30 th and...
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